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Secondary Education is getting over after 10th examination. Now the question arises that in which Study stream need to choose? Usually, the student decides their study stream by total marks obtained in the exam. If students get above 70% marks select Science field, from 50% to 70% select commerce field and rest goes for arts Stream some of them choose commercial courses like  ITI, Diploma in Engineering fields.

Now let’s see the career options after 10th pass and their co-branches for study.

After 10th Education ARTS, COMMERCE, SCIENCE and TECHNICAL these 4 main streams are available for study. After getting admission in the respective stream there are sub-branches for each subject for study. We are tried to cover all or maximum aspects of each stream and internal substream


In ARTS 11th and 12th academic year, subjects are Economics, History, English, Hindi, Sociology, Political science.
Languages Like Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati are also available as per the directives of State Education Boards and Universities

ARTS 12th Pass Below are the courses available for admission

  1. D.ED
  2. B.S.L.L.B
  3. B.A (Economics, Sociology, Social Science, Marathi, Hindi, English, Geography, Sanskrit, Singing etc.)
  4. I.T.I
  5. Similar Certificate orient Courses.
Science stream students feel quite stress as it has hard to study. Students in science stream have a lot of career option in future. During the academic years, students are cultivated curious and hard work attitude which lead them to success in their career and life. Science stream includes, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths are the Main subjects. and 1 local language and English are subjects for study. Geography and agriculture related subjects are optional to study.

After 12th Pass Courses available for admission

  1. Medical Stream
    1. M.B.B.S.
    2. B.D.S.
    3. B.Pharma
    4. B.A.M.S.
    5. B.H.M.S.
    6. Paramedical Courses
      • Physiotherapy
      • C.M.L.T
      • Speech Therapy
      • Nursing
      • Optometry
  2. Engineering
    1. Civil Engineer
    2. Mechanical Engineer
    3. Electronics Engineer
    4. Metallurgy Engineer
    5. Computer Engineer
    6. Production Engineer
    7. Marine Engineering
  3. Technical Diploma
    1. I.T.I
    2. N.I.I.T
    3. V.J.T.I
  4. B.SC.
    1. Microbiology
    2. Chemistry
    3. Physics
    4. Statistics
    5. Mathematics
    6. Botony
    7. Zoology
    8. Biochemistry
    9. Electronics)
    10. Actuarial science
  5. B.Sc Agriculture
  6. B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Application)
  7. B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration)
  8. B.C.S (Bachelor of Computer Science)
  9. B.SC. Biotechnology
  10. B.SC. I.T
  11. B.SC. Hotel Management
In Commerce stream mainly focuses on business and Economics study for academic two years example, Economics, Taxation, Accountancy, Auditing, Maths, Secretarial Practice, Organization Communication.

After 12th Pass Courses available for admission

There is a various option available in Commerce stream. all financial and econ0mical related studies covered in commerce syllabus. after graduation commerce student can opt for a Chartered accountant, MBA in Finance, M.COM studies. After 12th Commerce, you can opt for below courses.
  1. B. COM
  2. I.C.W.A. (cost accountant)
  3. C. F. A. (chartered financial analyst)
Above ICWA and CFA courses can be done simultaneously with your B.Com study year. after complete this you can start working as a cost accountant or Chartered Financial analyst.
From Commerce Stream further certificates courses and Diploma available for further career.
  1. Diploma in Accountancy
  2. Diploma in Secretarial Practice
  3. Diploma in Commerce.
  4. Certificate Course in Book Keeping and Accountancy
  5. Personal Secretary
  6. Certificate Course in Short Hand Typing

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